Privacy policy

Who we are
Chameleon IT is a recruitment agency, matching job-seekers with job vacancies within client organisations.

What data we collect
We maintain information on job-seekers as well as representatives of client organisations. We may also have data about individuals who are cited as personal or professional references by job-seekers.

Job-seekers may provide their personal information to us in response to a specific vacancy or campaign. As part of this process, they are explicitly asked to consent to our use of their personal information as outlined in this privacy policy. 

We may also obtain information about job seekers that has been published on other websites, including job boards and Linked-In. When we do so, we always contact the job-seeker to ask for consent before using any personal data.

The data we keep about job-seekers may include your name and contact details, work eligibility (e.g. nationality and work permit), salary requirements/expectations, education history, professional and other qualifications, skills profile, job history and interview history. Where we have successfully placed you with one of our clients, we will also have a contract history.

The data we keep about representatives of client organisations includes your name and contact details, department and job title. We also keep a history of our interactions with you and your company.

How we use your data
We use your data to find potential jobs for you, and to verify your eligibility for these jobs. When we identify a potential match between a job-seeker and a job vacancy, we may share your details with the potential employer, solely for the purpose of finding you a job. We will always obtain the consent of the job-seeker before providing their details to any client.

Where we process and store your data
All our systems, operations and data storage are located in High Wycombe. Our systems are secure, and only accessible by our own staff at our own premises.

Automatic Processing
We may use advanced data tools to match job-seekers with job vacancies.

Consent – Job-Seekers
If you have submitted your profile directly to us, you will have been asked to accept our terms and conditions and to consent to our using your personal data as stated in this policy. If we have obtained your profile from another source, we will require you to provide an explicit consent before we use your profile. You may withdraw your consent at any time; in which case, we will no longer use your data except to cancel any interview or other arrangements that have already been agreed.

We may also ask your permission to carry out third party checks (such as health checks, financial integrity checks and criminal records checks) on behalf of the client.

 If you quote someone as a reference, please ask for their consent to be contacted for this purpose.

Consent – clients
We offer our services to organisations that we believe are likely to recruit our candidates. Where we communicate to named individuals, this is usually based on our previous contact with them, or on publicly available information (e.g. Linked-In). In some cases, we may contact potential clients at the recommendation of another person within the same organisation.

We strive to keep our communications relevant to you. If you do not wish to receive marketing communications from us, you can opt out at any time and we will add you to our Do-Not-Contact list.

If a candidate cites you as a reference, we will remind the candidate to obtain your consent, and we will assume they have done so before we contact you or pass these details to a client.

How long we keep your data
We often work with people multiple times over the course of their career, so we may retain a basic history of our interactions with you indefinitely unless you request otherwise (see below). Where we have successfully placed a job-seeker in a client organisation, we keep a record of this for the purposes of statutory accounting and any future contractual issues.

Your rights
You can ask to see the records we keep about you, and to have an electronic copy. (We are entitled to request a nominal fee to cover the cost of this.) We are happy to correct any inaccuracies that you may find. We shall also delete your information at your request, with the exception of any data required for contractual or legal reasons.

Regulatory compliance
Our privacy policy is aligned with the European General Data Protection Regulation 2016 (GDPR) and with the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2003.