Elevating Development and Growth: Chameleon IT Solutions Reimagined

In today’s digital age, where numbers often dictate our success, Chameleon IT Solutions takes pride in its remarkable journey of assisting organisations in achieving exponential growth.

With a formidable team boasting over 45 years of collective commercial experience in the Information and Technology sector, our expert consultants bring a wealth of knowledge to the table.

At Chameleon IT Solutions, we are fervent advocates for the candidate experience, immersing ourselves deeply in the organisations we represent. This unwavering commitment has been instrumental in our remarkable success stories, where we’ve played a pivotal role in transforming businesses. Our core values of Transparency, Integrity, and Trust underscore our dedication.

What truly sets us apart is the resounding positive feedback we receive from our clients, including HR departments and senior hiring managers. Many have lauded us, often describing our partnership as more than just a recruitment service – we’re seen as true business partners.

Allow us to share the numbers that tell our story:

Over a span of 25/26 months, we collaborated with a renowned, award-winning Global ERP Software Solutions client. During this time, our MVP consultant, Mike Steel, was involved in 30 vacancies, successfully placing more than 23 individuals across various roles within the organisation. Notably, we secured interviews for every role we undertook, even if some candidates eventually declined the offers.

The diverse roles we expertly filled for this client include:

  • Chief Product Security Officer
  • Full-Stack Sitecore Developer
  • Global Web Design and Development Manager
  • Global Web Content and Optimisation Manager
  • Bid Manager
  • Global PR Officer
  • Head of External Communications
  • PSO Consultant
  • ServiceNow Solutions Architect
  • ServiceNow Project Manager
  • ServiceNow ITOM App Specialist
  • Finance Systems Analyst
  • Marketing Campaigns Manager
  • Marketing Interns x2
  • Web Content Specialist
  • Marketing Automation Specialist
  • Business Development Executive
  • Cloud Project Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Contract Web Project Manager
  • Cloud DBA
  • Cloud Monitoring Engineer

Our passion and dedication extend beyond the statistics; they are best reflected in the glowing feedback and recommendations we receive from both candidates and clients. You can peruse these testimonials on our website and the LinkedIn profiles of our seasoned consultants.

Our expertise transcends various sectors, and we’ve consistently delivered results in fields such as Digital Media, Asset Management, Cyber Security, Retail, Public Sector, and Managed Service Providers (MSPs).

If you represent an organisation seeking a recruitment partner who operates as a true business ally, one who genuinely cares about representing your brand and providing top-notch talent, we invite you to reach out. Contact us at 01494 263 036 or 07852234702, or drop us an email at info@c-its.co.uk to arrange a discussion. At Chameleon IT Solutions, we’re not just recruiting; we’re transforming businesses, one partnership at a time.